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Carnival in Venice: A Throwback.

Ah, back in the day when there was no Covid, and we could travel freely and enjoy a life mask free. I traveled, in one day, from Rome to Venice for the unforgettable Carnival celebration.

Carnival is a time for celebration and gluttony before Lent. Basically, binge eat and enjoy decadence NOW because when Lent comes, the faithful must fast for the 40 days before Easter. With nonna in New Jersey, we wouldn't eat meat on Wednesday and Friday in observance as practicing Catholics. Basically, it is a time of prayer, reflection, and fasting, or rather, suffering in some way like Jesus suffered in the desert fasting for 40 days. Of course, giving up an iphone or social media doesn't compare to this suffering. However, for some, it may be a huge sacrifice. In a nutshell, Carnival is the party before the solemn religious observance.

Venice really is special when it comes to Carnival. There are also other cities in Italy that celebrate, but the one I actually have seen in person is in Venice. Viareggio in Tuscany, Ivrea near Turn in Piedmont, Acireale in Sicily, and of course in the beautiful region of Puglia we have Putignano which is known for its Carnival celebrations.

Here are some pics from my time in Venice. Let's hope someday we can return, and the only people who are wearing masks are the people in costume.

Annamaria in Venice during the Carnival season.

The INCREDIBLE costumes

Piazza San Marco


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