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Teatro Petruzzelli: An Experience of a Lifetime

Hello all of my fabulous subscribers and followers! I just wanted to thank you again for supporting my project Not My Grandmother’s Italy; the life and times of an American woman abroad. Some might ask, “What do I care about what this woman is doing?.” “Is she famous?” “Is she important?” The answer to these questions is, absolutely not. However, if my experience can ignite a fire in you to take that leap and live abroad, then it is worth writing this blog. If one of my posts expands your cultural horizon, then it is worth it. If a sentence I write or an opinion I voice is similar to your own, or even better, DIFFERENT; it is worth writing this blog. One small voice is all it takes to start a revolution; or in my case ignite a passion for Italian language, culture, and of course, the overall wonderfulness that is being Italian-American.

I want to take you on a little sightseeing tour of one of my favorite landmarks in Bari; Teatro Petruzzelli, (the Petruzzelli theater). This theater stands majestically in the center of Bari in between Corso Cavour and the lungomare di Bari (the seafront, or seaside). In the past few months they have done the following operas Don Giovanni, Nabucco, and they are currently performing Il Gallo D’oro which is a really interesting Russian opera written by Rimskij-Korsakov opera with a prologue, two acts, and epilogue. Recently, I saw Aida, and it was magical. Truly a wonderful production.

I love the theater. It has always been a passion of mine. In any city I live in I try to find the nearest theater. It is the very first thing I look for. Luckily, I live in the center of Bari, and I have the pleasure of passing this fabulous theater on my way to work. It is one of the most important theaters in southern Italy, well, all of Italy to be exact. Anyone who has the honor and privilege to perform in this theater is truly blessed. At Teatro Petruzzelli you can enjoy opera, ballet, and concerts. They perform instrumental classical music which is also a beautiful treat. Petruzzelli also offers many educational programs and events that one can participate in. They have discussions on various operas, tours of the theater, and concerts where families can enjoy classical music in the afternoon. All ages are welcome for this beautiful afternoon of music.

I must say you cannot go wrong with this theater. It really brings a cultural flair to the city of Bari. There is also a fantastic café and Bistroit attached to the theater. If you come to Bari don’t miss out on Teatro Petruzzelli. It won’t disappoint. Here is the link below for further information on performances and events. Stay tuned for more information about Bari, and Italy in general. Don’t forget to subscribe!

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