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Pleasantly Puglia: Cala Diavolo, Monopoli.

Updated: Sep 11

Our Motto is: Puglia, is always a good idea.

Puglia. Ah, how much I adore this region. Apulia, as it is called in English, sits at the heel of the boot. In this new blog, our first blog of the season with our new name, Pleasantly Puglia, we will show you the unique aspects of this region of Italy. Especially, the beautiful places located in it. Cala Diavolo, is one of those gems. Located forty minutes just outside Bari, it is easily accessible by car. Pack your friends in and enjoy the ride.

Where is Cala Diavolo?

It is located near the town of Monopoli, another must-see spot.

(I do not own the rights to this image)
Map of Puglia (I do not own the rights to this image)

Arrival in Cala Diavolo

Cala Diavolo is a little cove on the coast in Monopoli. The “lido” or beach club, is situated on top of it where you can have an amazing aperitivo with a DJ set, delicious poke bowl for lunch, and go down and take a dip. It is also equipped with a swimming pool for those of us who, let's face it, really have no desire to go down to the cove and just want to relax poolside. Keep in mind, It’s not very accessible for people with disabilities, however, the pool is a good compromise.

We got there at around 10,30 and left at 19,30. It was a beautiful day of great conversation, rest, relaxation, sun, and great scenery. Everyone was taking pictures of the view and ready to put their selfies on Instagram. Myself included. We rented one beach umbrella and two beds for 20 euros each. The price on Sundays is a bit higher than on weekdays. It is also better to arrive way before 17 (5pm). The sun goes down and changes all the colors. Not only that, there is shade and the water is cold. The sun really beats down on the club at 1 pm so if you are fair like me, get out that sunscreen.

The fantastic view of Cala Diavolo


What's it like?

The vibe was very relaxing. There weren’t many families and kids screaming. God knows I love children, but when you are in relax mode, and they aren't I need to say more?

There were people of all ages enjoying themselves. All are welcome, and if you reserve your spot beforehand you can really enjoy all this beach club has to offer. It has all of the amenities; changing rooms, bathrooms (that are actually nice), a pool, showers, and various couches to take the relaxation to a whole new level. If you want to get that last beach time in before the summer ends. I would recommend this spot. Why? Because…Puglia, is always a good idea.

A quick video of CD

For more information visit:

Here are some more pictures to capture the day. (Click on the photos to make them bigger).

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