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Post Valentine's Day Blues? Where to go in Bari to brighten your day.

Love is in the air....not for everyone.

Single and fabulous? Of course you are. However, after Valentine’s day we need a way to beat the single blues. Not a man in sight, at least that asked you out. What to do? Where to go? Here are some tips that you can to to survive this “americanata” as they say here in Italy. Saint Valentine’s Day, or rather, the name day, celebrates those that are named after the saint, Valentina or Valentino. It isn’t really about love at all, or wasn’t before this American fake holiday took over.

Since it’s all over the place, and it could get you down when you are far away from your family, here are some ways that you can beat the love overload.

The Video Call

Ah yes, we are all super used to this way of communication, especially “post” covid. I would use this to good use today when you are feeling low. Call a single girl friend, have some wine, and laugh at life. Ok, for now you are single. You never know what life has in store. Don’t lose hope, and keep pouring that vino!

If you can face the love scene, I would go out dressed to the nines looking your best with single friends. Maybe even go dancing or a chill aperitivo. Live, laugh, love. You can easily find somewhere to do this in Italy.

A Solo Trip

I find that these can be really rejuvenating. It might not be for a whole weekend if that is too much alone time, but a couple days away, or a one night stay away can really put things into perspective. Find an activity you can do like write (in my case, I love doing this as you can see), and also reading is a great way to escape and replenish. Read or write about what interests you, nothing that stresses you out or makes you feel too sad. Italy is great for short trips because you can get to a totally different “Italy” in a matter of a couple hours by train or a short plane ride.

These tips may seem banal and obvious. However, it’s nice to know that you aren’t alone, and a little reminder of things that you can do on your own are always comforting. Here are some places in Bari where you can enjoy yourself, and most of all treat yourself right.

If at all you feel depressed or suicidal here is the portal for Puglia. Each region has a website and services. If for any reason you have an emergency call: 112

Here are my top three spots in Bari. Feeling blue today? These locals in Bari should brighten your day. Bar Imbriani – my personal favorite. Not only do they make bangin’ coffee, but their sweets and also their primi (first course of pasta especially) are really delicious.

Bar Imbriani

Via Matteo Renato Imbriani, 57

70121 Bari BA Italy

La Uascezze

Corte S. Agostino 2/3/4

70121 Bari BA Italy

La Feltrinelli

Via Melo da Bari, 119

70121 Bari BA

Open until 9 pm!

Bari, Italy Piazza Ferrarese

Annamaria Borelli is a writer, singer, and English teacher in Bari, Puglia, Italy. For any questions, comments, or consultations feel free to write to me!


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